What is the TreeMachine Greenraiser?

The TreeMachine Greenraiser is an innovative, no-cost program designed for schools to effortlessly collect gently used clothes and shoes from the community.

Who operates the TreeMachine Greenraiser?

TreeMachine Greenraiser is owned and operated by USAgain, a for-profit clothes collection company founded in 1999. Operating in nine states, USAgain aims to make a positive impact on both people and the planet. Through strategic partnerships with schools, the program not only collects surplus material but also educates and engages Generation C--the Climate Generation.

How are the clothes collected?

Conveniently placed at participating schools, the TreeMachine, a 4' x 4' x 6' collection bin, is visible and accessible to the community. Our drivers regularly collect donated clothes and items from these bins.

What is the frequency of the service to participating schools?

We service TreeMachine Clothes Collection Bins before they reach two-thirds capacity. Schools engaged in our 30-day collection drives are serviced weekly.

What is a TreeMachine?

A TreeMachine is a dedicated bin, measuring 4' x 4' x 6', used exclusively for the collection of clothes and shoes.

Why is USAgain's clothes collection bin referred to as a TreeMachine?

In collaboration with Trees for the Future, USAgain commits to planting one tree for every filled bin. This partnership led to the creation of the TreeMachine®, and since 2013, over 1.5 million trees have been planted.

Is the TreeMachine Greenraiser a school fundraiser?

Absolutely! Each participating school earns funds based on the pounds collected, with additional incentives such as $20,000 in cash prizes through four annual 30-day clothing drives.

When are the clothing drives held?

Mark your calendar! Battle of the Schools (August), America Recycles Day Challenge (November), Earth Month Challenge (March), and Drive into Summer (May). Register 2-3 weeks before the start dates to participate.

Are there any costs to participate?

Absolutely not! It's a no-cost, no-work, and no-liability initiative.

Do the students have to sell anything with this fundraiser?

No selling involved. It's a hassle-free program supporting reuse, recycling, and tree planting.

Can the money raised go to the PTA, School, or a Classroom Teacher?

Yes! Funds raised can benefit the school, Parent-Teacher Association, booster club, or a specific teacher.

Can private and/or public schools participate?

Certainly! All schools can participate; we'll verify the location to ensure it's within our service area.

Where on the school property should the TreeMachine be placed?

For maximum visibility, place the TreeMachine bin in areas such as the student pick-up/drop-off zone, ensuring easy access for parents.

What happens to the clothes that are collected?

Ninety percent of collected clothes and shoes are reused. They are processed, bundled into half-ton cubes, and shipped to Central America.

Why is reusing clothes important?

By reusing textiles, we reduce the need for manufacturing new fibers, conserving water, energy, and minimizing pollution.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donated clothes?

As a for-profit company, USAgain cannot provide donation receipts. However, your participation supports activities that promote and protect life and the natural world.

What can I donate?

Feel free to donate gently used clothes, shoes, linen, socks, purses, accessories, bedding, towels, and belts.