3.15.20 - 4.15.20


Due to school closings because of COVID-19, we have cancelled 2020 Earth Day Challenge. We appreciate your understanding and support. 


What is the Earth Month Challenge?

It's fun, easy and a free program to celebrate 50th anniversary of Earth Day and demonstrate your commitment to environmental protection. From March 15th through April 15th, 2020 all participating schools will compete to collect clothes and shoes for reuse. Three top collecting schools from each eligible region* will win cash prizes of $200, $150 and $100! All schools will raise funds based on the pounds of textiles collected. By hosting a TreeMachine, your school is offering students, faculty and the local community an eco-friendly and convenient way to rid themselves of surplus clothes and shoes while your school earns cash per pound of textiles collected. 

Will my school have to sell anything to raise funds for this program? 

No. USAgain programs and contests don't require any work from your school, parents or students. All you need to do is spread the word about your Treemachine to increase collections that result in attractive fundraising payouts              

Does my school need to sign-up or register?

Yes, except if your school is already hosting a Treemachine, you are automatically registered for our school contests. New schools should sign-up for here. Registration closes March 10, 2020.

How can we promote Earth Month challenge? 

We'll provide download promotional materials, that include posters, handouts, and flyers designed to help you spread the word in your community. Download materials coming soon!                                                        

How frequently will my TreeMachine be serviced?     

Our promise is to service your TreeMachine before it reaches 2/3 full.  We'll increase the service frequency based on your collections.                                                

How can I see my school's collection totals? 

To track your school's results in real-time simply sign-up for a partner login account on our website or download our Green Schools mobile app at App Store or Google Play. The results will be updated each time your bin is serviced. 

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region* CO, GA, IL, MO, MN, NY, PA, WA, Northern California, Southern California