Who is USAgain?

USAgain is a clothes collection company operating in 9 states founded in 1999.

What is USAgain's Idea & Purpose?

USAgain's idea and purpose is to do good for PEOPLE and PLANET. We collect material from people in areas of surplus to whom the material has little value and transform it into great value for people in parts of the world where need is abundant. By partnering with schools and businesses, we influence, educate and build ties with Generation C, the Climate Generation, who will shoulder the enormous task of guiding humanity through global warming and climate change.

What is a TreeMachine?

A TreeMachine is a 4' x 4' x 6' bin that is placed at our partners location for the use of collecting gently used clothes and shoes. For every full bin, 1 Tree is Planted. This is how the bin got it's new name, the TreeMachine.

What is a Clothing Drop Spot?

A Clothing Drop Spot is a solar powered, daily monitored kiosk offered to Shopping Centers for the collection of used clothes and shoes from patrons.

What happens to the used clothes and shoes that are collected?

90% of the clothes and shoes collected are reused. Collected from our partner sites, brought to the local warehouse where then they are bundled into half ton cubes and shipped to Central America.

Can I get a tax receipt?

No, USAgain is a for-profit company. Our purpose is to earn funds that can be used for activities that promote and protect life and the natural world on our planet-our home in the universe.

Why is textile reuse important?

By re-using textiles, we reduce the need for manufacturing new fibers. This saves water, energy, dyes and chemicals, which results into less pollution.