Schaumburg Boomers Partnership With USAgain a Home Run For Recycling | Chicago Tribune

Wed August 27, 2014

Boomers Event Photo

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The Schaumburg Boomers teamed up with USAgain, a local textile recycling company, to reward "going green" with free tickets to season games.

Boomer fans recycled around 400 pounds of clothes and shoes at the August 23 game in exchange for tickets to any two Boomer games this season, including playoffs. Attendees were able to drop off their surplus textiles in green and white USAgain bins placed right outside stadium entrance door and got an opportunity to learn about textile recycling at information tables. With back-to-school season in full swing attendees were handed out information on USAgain 's no-work, no-cost school fundraiser program, Greenraiser.

"This partnership with the Boomers has been a very successful way to promote textile recycling," Osvaldo Cedillo, USAgain Chicago Division Manager, said. " Annually, 12 million tons of textiles are going into landfills. We hope to spread awareness about this important issue leveraging the event platform like this."

USAgain has worked with other sports teams, such as the Chicago Sky, to promote textile recycling awareness events and looks forward to hosting more in the future.

Boomer fans were also treated with a 9-0 win over the Frontier Greys.

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