Shedd Aquarium Receives Green-T Award for Commitment to a Greener Workplace | Trib Local

Tue October 14, 2014

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USAgain, the textile recycling company based in West Chicago, IL, recently announced the winners of its annual Green-T Awards. Shedd Aquarium, recipient of the award for Commitment to a Greener Workplace, was one of the 16 award winners.

The Green-T awards are to recognize and reward individuals or organizations that support recycling and sustainability in Illinois. The awards were presented Oct. 7 at the Green-T Awards ceremony where Susan Barton, Shedd Aquarium Facilities Director, accepted on behalf of Shedd Aquarium.

Since partnering with USAgain, Shedd Aquarium has recycled a total of 2,158 pounds of textiles. The aquarium has built their own 'behind the scenes' recycling center where staff can recycle items like wading boots, wet suits light bulbs/tubes, plastic and PVC, uniforms, and lost and found items like clothing.

"As a leader in sustainability and conservation, Shedd Aquarium is strong in its commitment to creating a clean and healthy environment," said Susan Barton, Facilities Director at Shedd Aquarium. "We are grateful for this honor and the continued support from our partners at USAgain who help us show people that small actions can make a big difference."

By recycling 2,158 pounds of textiles, the team prevented more than 15,000 pounds of CO¬2 from entering the atmosphere; they also saved more than 2.9 million gallons of water through their commitment to recycling. Shedd Aquarium serves as a role model for public institutions in Illinois and across the country, and USAgain looks forward to a future of recycling with the community of Chicago.

"We love working with public institutions to spread the message about textile recycling," CEO of USAgain Mattias Wallander said. "Shedd Aquarium collected an incredible amount of textiles this year. We congratulate them on this feat and hope they continue to recycling."

Other recipients of USAgain's Green-T Awards include Agassiz Elementary, Hanover Township, the Chicago Sky and the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County. For a full list of award recipients, visit