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Clothing Recycler USAgain Supports Victims of Nepal Earthquakes

USAgain will donate funds to the American Red Cross through Kankakee collection driveNepal thermometer

KANKAKEE, IL(May 20, 2015) – USAgain (pronounced use-again) will host a clothing collection drive to support victims of the recent Nepal earthquakes. 

Collection drives will take place June 1st – June 13th at USAgain’s Kankakee Drop Spot location at 1250 N. Hobbie Ave. USAgain hopes to collect more than 5,000 pounds of clothing, resulting in a $1,000 donation to the disaster relief organization of the American Red Cross. All shoes, clothes, accessories and household textiles like drapes, towels, sheets will be accepted.

"Our organization is proud and honored to support the thousands of individuals and families that have been effected by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal" said Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain. "We encourage people to stop by our Kankakee location to recycle unwanted clothing, shoes and textiles. These efforts will not only help the people of Nepal who are in great need right now, but will also benefit the environment by keeping unwanted clothing out of landfill.”

The funds donated by USAgain to the American Red Cross will go to the most critical districts in Nepal stricken by the recent earthquake disasters, providing support for things such as additional emergency shelter materials, medical supplies, safe drinking water, improved sanitation and hygiene kits.  

USAgain’s mission is to reduce the negative impacts of clothes and shoes on our environment by increasing their reuse and recycling. USAgain gives a new life to discarded clothing by putting them back into the use stream as second hand clothing. Clothes that are not in condition to be re-worn are shredded to make new materials like insulation for homes or to reclaim fiber to make new fabric.

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