Thu May 26, 2011

Bay Area Residents Embrace New Initiative for Local Textile Recycling

USAgain Used Clothing Collection Bins Installed in September Collect 50,000 lbs of Material

November 8, 2010 – Recycling isn't just about bottles and cans in the Bay Area. After welcoming nearly 100 used clothing collection bins in the region this September, local residents have already disposed of over 50,000 lbs of old clothes to be reused. By collecting old clothes and putting them back into the use cycle to be reworn or recycled, USAgain (pronounced "use again") provides a convenient and practical solution for local residents.

The company arrived in the area on September 1. It opened up an office and warehouse last month in the city of Hayward, and has hired a team of nearly 20 employees on the ground, including sales representatives, a division manager, transport supervisor, and warehouse staff positions. The company already operates in 11 major U.S. markets, including Milwaukee, Seattle and Atlanta. It is headquartered in Chicago.

"It's not surprising that we've been well received in the Bay Area, a densely populated region highly motivated to keep waste to a minimum," said Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain. "This is a region that's highly aware of its impact on the environment, and clearly primed to help make a big difference. We're excited to continue to grow and do even more, and want to thank the local community for welcoming us."

In compliance with local and state guidelines, the company has installed its bins at area businesses, schools and other convenient locations. Individual businesses agree to host a bin, and in return, collect part of the proceeds generated from clothing collected on site. The host can then choose to keep the additional revenue, or donate it through USAgain to charities, including Children's Miracle Network. USAgain collects and bundles the used textiles at its local warehouse, and resells them in the U.S. and abroad to thrift store chains, wholesalers and graders/recyclers.

USAgain's goal is to significantly help bolster the diversion rate of textiles in the region. Textiles are among the most commonly discarded materials, and as landfill costs rise, cities are increasingly supportive of new solutions. Installing USAgain textile collection bins at convenient drop-off sites enables cities to most effectively gather reusable clothing that might otherwise go to waste. USAgain is actively seeking to partner with local municipalities.

USAgain (use-again) was founded in 1999, and now operates over 8,000 collection bins in 14 states. Our mission at USAgain is simple: to provide consumers with a convenient and eco-friendly option to rid themselves of excess clothing, which we divert from wasting in landfills for resale here in the US and abroad. In 2009 alone, the company collected 54 million pounds of discarded clothing. A profitable venture headquartered in Chicago, USAgain employs 170 employees. For more information, visit

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