Clothing Recycler Plans North Iowa Drop Boxes | Globe Gazette

Thu July 28, 2011


Clothing Recycler Plans North Iowa Drop Boxes

Originally published July 28, 2011 by the Globe Gazette

A company that recycles unwanted clothing and textiles has expanded into the North Iowa area.

USAgain announced on Thursday that over the next 10 days it will be installing green and white drop boxes at businesses in Mason City, Algona, Clear Lake, Garner, Ventura, Charles City, Britt, Fredericksburg and New Hampton.

In Mason City the boxes are or will be located at Dewilde Auto Service, The Lantern, China Buffet, Rose Bowl and Ashley Inn.

USAgain helps divert millions of pounds of clothing and textiles from landfills each year by providing residents with drop boxes to discard unwanted clothing, shoes and other textiles.

"Textile recycling is an important environmental issue," said Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain. "According to the EPA, Americans create approximately 12.4 million pounds of textile waste each year and about 85 percent of that goes directly into landfills.

USAgain gives people a convenient and eco-friendly way of disposing of unwanted clothes, he said.
Residents can deposit unwanted clothing, shoes and other textiles in USAgain drop boxes, which are monitored and serviced regularly. To find a drop box in your area visit