Greening College Move Outs this Spring

Mon March 30, 2015

Textile Recycling Gains Momentum on College Campuses During Spring Move-Outs

Universities partner with USAgain to increase environmental responsibility and raise funds during campus move-outs


CHICAGO, IL (March 30, 2015) – Textile recycling returns to many campuses just in time to lighten loads during spring move-outs while raising funds and environmental awareness. USAgain, a recycling company that gives a second life to unwanted textiles, will help students divert thousands of pounds of clothing from landfills for a second year of eco-friendly campus fundraising. 

After diverting more than 14,500 pounds of textiles from landfills during its inaugural year, USAgain is poised to expand 2015 "Green Your Move Out" program to students and schools hungry for recycling programs. Some of the early bird program sign-ups are Southern Illinois University, Marymount California University, Emory University (GA), Clark Atlanta University and Spelman College (GA)

With no-added work or cost to universities, the complimentary program makes textile recycling easy by providing schools a convenient drop-off bin where students can deposit surplus clothing and shoes for recycling. As environmental awareness grows, many students say they would recycle more if given the opportunity. 

“Students want to recycle so if USAgain bins are available during move out they will get used,” said Kiley Herndon Marketing Officer of Student Government at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. “If recycling is easily accessible students use it.”  

The drop-off bins offer an accessible option for students to recycle clothing items they may not have otherwise thought were eligible for recycling. What's more, campus leaders say that the visibility of bins provides more environmental awareness and education. This can be a valuable reminder to increase recycling engagement on campuses where waste reduction is a key element of budget planning.

“Students are made very aware on college campuses about the importance of sustainability so it is hard to just simply ignore,” said Herndon.

After move-out time, the clothing that may have been trashed and then sent off to landfills at the expense of university waste management systems, is picked up by USAgain before being reintroduced into the marketplace, domestically and across the globe. Making the going green element of the program even greener, each school then receives a check based on pounds recycled for their participation. 

With the average college student producing 640 pounds of solid waste each year, USAgain notes that textile recycling is becoming a valuable option for campuses relying on a variety of recycling programs for energy efficiency.

"Colleges who are paving the way for environmental stewardship already experience the cost benefit that comes from reducing waste. At the same time, these green-minded campuses are helping students form invaluable lifestyle habits crucial for their success and that of the planet,” said Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain.  "Our program adds to these interests, raising additional funds for schools while providing a direct environmental connection for students to learn about their impact on the local and global economy. By giving new life to our unwanted clothes, we're generating revenue, creating green jobs across the world and conserving environmental resources."

According The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) an estimated 12 million tons of textiles were sent to landfills in 2012 and Recyclebank holds that approximately 300 million pairs of shoes are sent to landfills annually. 

With fast-natured lifestyles and pressures to dress to impress, student life can lead to "closet consumption issues," explains eco-friendly designer Lydia Oleskly.

"Student life is full of convenience and disposability," said Oleskly. "Low budgets combined with social temptations to dress in the latest styles can lead to bulk purchases of trendy clothes that are easy to later discard. Textile recycling is one step that gives students who enjoy fashion the opportunity to do something good with their purchases at the end of the day."

Campuses interested in participating can get started in three easy steps by visiting USAgain online here.

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