Fast fashion is exploiting PEOPLE and PLANET at an accelerated pace, pushing new products into stores every week. Our planet has finite resources and cannot support the linear consumption model that is extracting virgin resources to manufacture products that are only used once before they are landfilled or incinerated. We must create a circular economy where products are reused to conserve limited resources.

It is our vision to see a TreeMachine at every School, fighting Global Warming and Climate Change by turning surplus clothes and shoes into affordable wardrobes for PEOPLE and absorbing greenhouse gasses for the PLANET. We need a world where every person is aware and accountable for the impact they have in creating an environmentally, economically, and equitably sustainable future.

With our program we wish to engage Generation-C, the Climate Generation who will be living through the effects of the climate crisis, in actions to reduce carbon emissions while becoming the mindful leaders with hearts of gold and hands out of pockets that the world so dearly needs.

We invite you to host a TreeMachine at your school and start making a difference for PEOPLE and PLANET. Encourage your students to learn why it is important to take action NOW as the leaders of tomorrow.

We, the USAgain team is guided by the values expressed in our Idea & Purpose and it is our intention to build a partnership with YOU based on our values. Together with our dedicated partners, we have clothed 16 million people and planted over 1 million trees, so far.

Providing Sustainable programs to your students and community is crucial, it teaches younger generations the value of living a sustainable lifestyle and encourages society to reduce consumption, recycle more, and reuse items as often as possible before discarding them.

Thank you for being the next to take a stand and help make a difference.

Your benefits as our partner:

  • Regularly scheduled routes to keep TreeMachine emptied and ready to receive the next deposit
  • Additional service same day, or latest within 24 hours
  • Toll-free emergency hotline answered by live operator 24/7/365
  • Friendly uniformed drivers who are background checked and drug tested
  • $2 million liability insurance covers our partners
  • Graffiti removal within 24-48 hours
  • Promotional flyers
  • Educational assemblies by professional staff
  • Green Schools Mobil app
  • Fun Challenges for America Recycles Day, Earth Month and more

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